Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Tagaytay City Wedding Venues

Tagaytay City Wedding Destinations
Tagaytay City hosts one of the top wedding venues in the Philippines. Thru the years, Tagaytay City has been identified as CALABARZON's tourist center and one of the priority areas to develop tourism.

A lot of people have held weddings at Tagaytay, which gave it the title of being one of the most popular Philippine Wedding Venues and Destinations.

Below is a list of all the reception areas and wedding venues and destinations in Tagaytay City. Note that this directory is updated everyday.

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  1. Casablanca Private Mansion
  2. Sylvinas Garden
  3. Tagaytay Ridge         
  4. The Grand Ballroom 
  5. Clearwater pax
  6. Pacific Grove clubhouse
  7. Yellow Coco
  8. Sta Rosa Clubhouse
  9. Rosemont Gardens
  10. Tagaytay Tropical Greens 
  11. Tagaytay Garden Resort
  12. Taal Ridge
  13. Mountlake Terrace
  14. Bali Village Hotel
  15. Josephine's Tagaytay
  16. Hill Creek Gardens
  17. Sonya's Garden
  18. Nurture Spa
  19. Moon Garden Tagaytay
  20. Casa de Carlo
  21. Tagaytay Internation Convention Center
  22. Le Jardin Rosella

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